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Picture taken by gcardinal from Norway

Creator's note: I really like dolphins. They are intellegent animals that do incredible things. Dolphins are known to be friendly towards humans also. On this site, there will be dolphin facts and dolphin related things. I hope you enjoy!

Introduction to Dolphins

Dolphins are clever marine mammals that are a part of the whale family. They are seen in many places in the world. There are many species of dolphins, with the number of about 43 species. There are 38 marine dolphins, and 5 river dolphins. Most dolphins live in saltwater like oceans, but there are other dolphins that live in fresh water, too. These mammals are carnivors, meaning they eat meat to survive. Their diets consists of mainly fish and squid. The colors of dolphins may vary, but they are usually gray with their backs being a darker color. Dolphins live is social groups, and they use echolocation to hunt and find prey or objects.

Fun Facts and Matters Related to Dolphins

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